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This wholesale box contains great quality jeans!

It is a hand selected mix of branded (well known/less known) jeans. Please don’t imagine yourself a box with only Levi’s jeans, but we do our best to include a minimum of 1 pair of Levi’s.

A box of 5kg contains approximately 7 pairs of jeans.

Please notice that the jeans on the photos are just an example of what you will receive!

Put your size range in the “notes” when you’ve placed your order or just simply send an e-mail to elise@roadthrifters.com. You can choose the size ranges:

M – L

L – XL

Or a mix of the ranges named above.


We only accept returns on this when you return the WHOLE box with all the items in it.


Prefer handpicking your items? Send an e-mail to elise@roadthrifters.com to arrange a FaceTime appointment.